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all of your friend, am i you, and then they spooned, anjasshu, are we roleplaying, being intentionally dense, bros before hos man, can hear you caring, differential diagnosis, dying's easy living's hard, endo yuuya, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics advance, first lupus case, fushigi yuugi, godot would be faster, gregory house, he was shot?, high-heels high-heels, how i met your mother, huge ego sorry, i had a key, i like the dedication, i like these chairs, james wilson, kenn, kono ashi, learn to harmonize, lisa cuddy, masatree, midorikawa hikaru, miles edgeworth, moonomia noomania pneumonia, nintendo ds, nonexistent otherwise excellent, normal is overrated, or you're gay, phoenix wright, prince of tennis, psp, reads between the labs, saiyuki, secret "friendship club" name, secret secret secret stash, seizing or dancing, spamgang, spamgangbang, state-the-obvious contest, stealing wilson's food, tell her it sucks, tell her it's good, tell her the truth, tell her--keep her asleep, that's a funny typo, the tumor might overhear, they make me neutral, thirteen, tripped over wilson's self-righteousness, wakajishi tarumi, wearing your short shorts, weiss kreuz, you have little people, you were right, you're orange you moron